Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Me again....

Well, it's been pretty quiet around here. Just the normal chasing after the kidlets and fun with them with one little addition. Monster is potty training. It's really not going well, but you have to start somewhere I guess. Little stinker understands, but she is so stubborn she just won't go! Once we put the little potty chair out and she sat through a whole Clifford show without going, only for me to put her diaper back on her and she went right away! Now she is in pull ups with the heavier big girl unders on underneath. She has pooped once in the potty and twice in her pants in the last two days. This morning I said Hey, let's go potty and she looked up and me and said I sorry! That was the second time she had pooped in her pants. I really don't know how I am giong to convince her to go in the potty. When I ask her where big girls go potty she says in the potty, and then tell me that's where Miss M goes. But when I ask her a little later where her potties are supposed to go she laughs and says in her pants. This was accompanied with not one but two screaming fits on the potty yesterday!!! Fun.
K came home early yesterday, said it was slow at work and he was bored. There are rumors flying around that the company that he works for was sold, so he says using up a little vacation time won't hurt him and has decided to take tomorrow and Friday off completely.
I went to work out this morning only to find that the guy who normally opens up the place wasn't there. I sat out in the parking lot for a half an hour with a couple of my friends that go too and finally we decided that it wasn't worth it and headed home. If I would have waited and he showed up at 5:30 I would have gotten about a half an hour work out and had to head home, normally we do about a half hour of walking alone and then another half hour of weights or steppers. I was thinking gee, I hope the poor guy isn't too sick, or maybe he overslept, and one of the girls looks at me and says man, I hope he didn't die! How do you respond to that lol?!?

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holli said...

I don't know where to start either, but it sounds like you're doing better than I am.. and I Faith's mommy.. so maybe I should be asking you for advice!!! sigh.

Re: the death response.. I don't know!! I guess just agree - LOL!!