Friday, January 20, 2006

Still spinning!

Wow, what a week! I feel like I am still spinning for all the running and back and forth that I have done this week! And it really doesn't seem like it should be Friday, but hey, I'm not complaining!!!
A quick recap of my week:
Monday- Kept K2's daughter A so they could do some shopping an hour away and A could still get to playgroup. The three girls got along so well and my two were so sad to see A head off to school! After work was basketball games at the Fitness Center watching B and C play. No work out that night as L had just gone to the chiropractor and didn't want to risk popping something out of place. She has been sick with something similar to Chron's disease and has lost alot of muscle. One of her ribs popped back out of place just from the walk out of one room into another in the Chiropractor's office!
Tuesday-Playgroup for the girls. It went pretty well, but we were the only ones again this week. Trying to convince K2 to bring her kids, but she was busy that day. Can't remember what we did for sure that night, but I think it involved going to bed early.
Wednesday- Awards assembly at school so we took Mr C to school at 8, came back home and packed a bag full of toys and books and went back to the school at 20 to 9. Sat through two awards assemblies, one for the K-3 and the second for the 4-6 grades, came back home and got a quick lunch with the girls and back to pick up Mr C for the three hour early out from school at 12. The girls napped well and Mr C rested quietly while watching a movie. We painted suncatchers after nap and all three kids did really well! Found out while we were painting that there was a bomb threat at the high school about a half an hour after the kids got out of school that afternoon, no one is really saying much about it although I heard that the police were going to be searching backpacks on Thursday morning. Awana went really well, one of my girls passed a BIG section and both finished out one group of sections in their books and will be getting awards next week! We had practice afterwards and K1 didn't get there until an hour later, she had to wait for her husband to get home, so it was a late one. It was 11:30 before I got to bed.
Thursday- The 4:30 alarm came way to early but I did drag myself out of bed and go. L and I were the only ones there so I didn't work too hard, although I did do one of the steppers. OUCH! We had a playday with K and her kids at church in the morning and that went pretty well, but after that the kids made the day seem REALLY long and when they finally left I headed to bed, only to get a phone call finding out that one of my friends, who used to go to our church, has been diagnosed with cancer!
Friday- The workout went well this morning, I used the eliptical machine this morning. I finished out the full ten minutes that was my goal! I sure feel it though! I took the girls to get a doughnut and got a couple muffins for myself and a cappucino. I won a movie ticket on Blingo this morning too! I am so excited! K told me that he will take me out for supper tonight too. I like going to the restaurant K2 works at and K likes it too as he can get ribs and meat and potatoes while I can get the salad and such that I like. Plus we like giving K2 a bad time while she's working ha ha!
Tomorrow brings a meeting for K, I have to drop him off at Pastor's house at 7:30 and then I am off to watch a basketball tournament for S and J that morning and afternoon. I am going to take a bag of clothes and things so I can work out with L between games. I avoided babysitting for my friend who hasn't been such a friend and pretty much got silence because of it. Oh well, just shows me where she is really coming from I guess. I have seen how a true friend reacts to something like that and it has opened my eyes to see how bad things really were between us before and I chose to ignore it, but I am feeling alot better since I have chosen myself and to not be a doormat or a whipping post I actually feel alot better. It still hurts, but I know what I have to do, I know I am making the right decision.


holli said...

A bomb threat, 4:30AM alarm and a friend with cancer.. if you were going to complain - this might be the week you could do it!

I'm proud of you for getting up early to work out.. I don't think I could do it!

I hope the week gets better. At least no bombs were detonated!!

Heidi said...

What a week huh?!?
Thanks for the plug for the early work out....oi vey it is sooooo hard to get up some mornings!!! I did learn that if we have Worship Team practice Wednesday nights after Awana to just give in and sleep a little longer, I went last week and I was SO. VERY. VERY. TIRED.