Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ok I won't complain about a slow day here and there anymore!

Today I took the kids for a play date with the kids of one of the girls who works out with me in the mornings. Things went pretty well, Monster got a little bossy, my friend's youngest got sleepy towards the end and so he was a little fussy, but all in all pretty well! Our play date was at the church as my friend was cleaning the church during this time and I played with the kids downstairs in the nursery. This may just become a regular Thursday thing. My friend said that the cleaning went easier for her, and I know the girls enjoyed getting out of the house and playing with some different kids.
While we were there I got a call from another friend asking me if she could bring her youngest in to me so she could get the oldest to a dr appointment. This friend broke her foot snow tubing with her family on New Years Day so getting a three year old to stay with her and keeping him entertained just wasn't her idea of fun! Can't say I blame her! He will come back tomorrow as she goes back to get recasted.
I am excited for tomorrow as well because we will have our first Worship Team practice of the year too! I have missed it! We haven't had practice since before Christmas for choruses on Christmas day!
I need to buy a birthday gift for the son of the friend who hasn't been such a friend too. They are having a birthday party for him Saturday afternoon. I am hoping that I can find something here in town and won't have to drive to Wal Mart tonight. K will probably have to work on Saturday morning so unless I want to go by myself that is probably out, and I have to fit house cleaning in there too, unless someone else wants to come and clean for me, or K lets me hire a maid...either option is highly unlikely lol!

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