Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A bit of catch up

I am still working on editing pictures from our camp weekend. I took 235 pictures!! I am working on making a poster of different scenes from the weekend because there were quite a few who were not able to make it. K also took some video we are going to make some copies of...one of the couples that were baptised on Sunday were discipled by the wife of a missionary couple from our church who have since gone back to Brazil. No one thought that the husband would set foot in our church, let accept Christ, and go on to be baptised. Now that they both have, we can't wait to share the pictures and video with our missionary couple!
As soon as I get the pictures edited and order the ones I need I will share some here with you. I also have a couple of new projects to keep me going on my days off and another friend wants to get together one of these days too. I am excited because I haven't seen her in months because of her job!
Friday I have a date with Tater! His birthday is coming up. A big 3 year old! His Mom bought tickets for her, Tater, me, and one of his brothers to see Elmo! His brother is now wanting to back out, so we are trying to find someone closer to Tater's age for him to go with. I don't think he cares so much about that though...he keeps telling me Elmo birthday!!
Well, I was able to go and get another Zone Therapy treatment and it has relaxed me quite a bit and I hear my pillow calling.
Big hugs!

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