Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wonderful weekend!

What a beautiful Sunday! A nice sunny day, about 80 degrees with just a little breeze!
We enjoyed a nice Sunday service, Pastor D was preaching and he spoke a little about the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant to give a bit of context to the passage that he was preaching from in I Samuel 4 and it was especially exciting to me because that is what I am reading about in Exodus right now. He helped me to understand a couple of things that I was having a bit of difficulty with and I learned some new facts and he didn't even know it! I emailed him a little thank you earlier this afternoon and explained to him why I appreciated his message even more.

After church I went with B to the Art Show in the park just off the highway and held and turned pages of music for her as she played the piano for a little atmosphere music for a half an hour. They paid her ten dollars and she split it with me. That was kind, I just enjoyed doing it and listening to her play!

Otherwise I have spent a nice quiet afternoon at home doing some more Bible reading. I made it up through chapter 26 in Exodus and needed a bit of a break so I went back to my reading in Matthew 19. I am really enjoying my new study Bible and all the notes it has! The only problem is that it's taking me a lot longer to read as I am reading the notes and jotting notes of interest to me, and words that I need to look up in my notebook! I am getting a better understanding of some verses though, so it is worth it!

Now, I'll leave you with a few pictures from our weekend from my cell phone:
Walking home from the park on Friday! Miss A and Mr. T holding hands....she calls Mr. T and his brothers "her boys"!
Tonic Sol-Fa an acapella group that we went to see Saturday night in a neighboring town. Some friends had extra tickets and I had everything caught up so we went and we really enjoyed it! They have been seen on the Today show and are up for some Emmys! Their harmonies were great and we were especially impressed with the bass, he could get so low! It really sounded almost like they had some background music, but you could tell it was their voices...they did some really cool things. They were alot of fun too, they picked on one guy in the front in a Hawaiian shirt for quite a bit of the show and the guy really fed into it too. He even bought the guys bottles of water while they were on stage! It was a great family show! We bought one cd and the guys were kind enough to autograph it afterwards!

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