Monday, August 03, 2009

Another day off...

Not much going on around here today. Today is another day off. So far I'm working on laundry again and I've almost got that done. I've also painted my nails and caught up on some emails and things. This week I work Tuesday and Wednesday and then not until Monday and Friday of next week. This weekend is the church's family camp out weekend so it should be a good weekend to have a long weekend, but hopefully I can find a few more things to do!!
Oh well if nothing else I'll catch up on movie watching and I can always use the stitching/knitting time!

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Jen said...

Hope you enjoyed another day off!! Did you know I am learning how to cross stitch? I am working on a project my grandmother started over 50 years ago and never finished!! It's pretty neat. I keep wanting to blog about it but I keep forgetting! Thanks for the reminder!