Friday, August 14, 2009

Catching up

I have started to blog at least four times in the last couple of days and something has always happened and I never get the post finished!
I have had the boys, who always keep me busy! Tonight Tater, his Mom, some friends, and I are going to see Elmo for Tater's birthday. We went last year for his brother's birthday and he liked it, except for when the characters started coming off the stage and into the crowd, then he tried to hide in his Mom's shoulder!
I edited a bunch of the Family Camp weekend pictures and went and got some copies made. 145 pictures cost me about $40! But, I made a bunch of copies for people who didn't have their cameras and wanted pictures. K found a trifold display board at Wal Mart and I put a bunch of pictures on there and put it up at church so those that couldn't be there can see some of what went on.
The other night K and I went out and watched some of the meteor shower. We saw quite a few! It was alot of fun, I've never seen anything like that and we had alot of fun just sitting there and talking!
Well, I need to get back to working on a welcome home banner for PM and C's son who is coming home soon from basic training, but later this afternoon or tomorrow I will be back to share some more pictures!

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