Friday, August 07, 2009

Day two

Day two of the four day weekend started out with rain. It rained for most of the morning and has sprinkled and misted off and on this afternoon. I slept in a bit and cleaned the house. I also did my baking and made Coke Jello for the potlucks Saturday and Sunday.
I don't think that we are going to go out to the campground tonight. I may make another batch of the strawberry rhubarb bars for us to keep at home and it sounds like I have some more typing coming too.
We didn't go out to the campground at all, we ended up making an impromptu trip to Wal Mart. We didn't need much, it was just fun to go out together.
Well, I'm headed off to bed, tomorrow I will try to remember to share the recipes that I used!


Jen said...

A day of rain with misting off and on sounds so nice right now! It's been so HOT here in Texas!! I would give anything for a day of rain!

It's seems like you are having a great long weekend!! Coke Jello sounds VERY interesting! I've never heard of it before!!

Brandi said...

Sounds nice and relaxing! I'll be looking for the recipes. . . Coke Jello does sound interesting! :)