Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Blog Hop~Encouragement

This week's blog hop is Encouragement. This picture represents encouragement to me in many different ways. This is a picture of the front of my church, so of course the first aspect is Spiritual encouragement. I can be down and discouraged and the teaching I get from our Pastor here always lifts me up and encourages me to be a better person in Christ. The second aspect of encouragement from here is family. My family is really not close, even though we live in the same town as my parents we don't see them that often..., and K's family is about ten hours away and there is a bit of trouble in relationships there as well, but there are a few in this church who have risen to the occasion, I guess you would say and become family to us. Their family is also far away and we have become a very close knit family of our own. When there are troubles and problems we go to them before our own blood related family....there are things that my "adopted" family knows about me that my blood relations do not. My "adopted" family just "gets me". I don't feel like the black sheep around them, I feel like I really do fit in and I have a place in the world! I feel that I am loved and I am told that I am loved! And of course following family there is the encouragement of friendship. I honestly have not had alot of friends, but in this church I have many. In our recent big storm I had people who called to make sure we were ok, I have people who stop and give me hugs and handshakes and smiles when I walk through the doors. I am so thankful for this church and all who are in it. This is one of my greatest sources of encouragement!

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ChristiS said...

I'm so glad that you have found such a church family as this! Stopping by as part of the blog hop....come see me if you wish--I'm #235!

Carrie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I know just how you feel about your church family. Maybe that's one of the reasons God wants us in church, huh? God Bless!

~Sandy~ said...

Just blog hoppin by to say hi!!! iT'S WONDERFUL TO BE A PART OF A CHURCH FAMILY..you are blessed! Great post!