Thursday, November 06, 2008


It's not the greatest picture, but here are K and I at weird hair night at Awana last night. CB was taking the picture and he was having trouble with my camera, so this is the best we got. The biggest deal for the kids on Weird Hair night is to beat K! He is a big kid and really gets into these nights! And by the time I had gotten my wig on and made it to church almost all of the blue had come out of the wig! There was a little bit left in, but not a whole lot.
Some of us (leaders) have started memorizing the verses and saying sections right along with the clubbers. I am one who has started to do this, when it is possible I say the sections to my girls, but when it isn't I have said them to a couple of other leaders. I passed my Start Zone on October 15 and last night I passed my first Discovery and next week I will go up front with one of my girls to get our awards. It's been alot of fun and it has motivated a couple of the girls to get going in their sections. It's been funny to hear them saying to each other, things like Oh, she's catching up with you, you had better get working!
I have also had a couple experiences with the girls this year that have given me goosebumps! One was a few weeks ago when one of the new girls had finished her Start Zone and in the last section the kids are asked to explain to their leader in their own words what it means to accept Christ as their Savior. This girl honestly and truly had no idea! I felt so honored to be able to sit with her and to tell her how much God loves her! She was listening intently and has continued to work hard and keep memorizing Scripture and passing her sections! I am praying that through this she would come to have a personal knowledge of Him and come to know Him as her personal Lord and Savior!
The other was last night. We have one girl who has some disabilities. I have found that if I read what she is to memorize with her a few times she picks it up very quickly, and last night she was able to pass two sections! She has never passed more than one a night that I know of, and usually it still takes her a couple weeks to pass that one, especially if it is a long one like memorizing the books of the Old Testament. After she passed the two sections last night I told her how proud I was of her and she looks at me with this smile and told me a couple times that she was proud of herself too, and she brought tears to my eyes as she looked at me and told me that she felt "powerful"!
It is so wonderful to see the Lord working in these girls' lives!

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