Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter weather depression

Ugh this dark, cold, winter weather is driving me nuts! I seriously think I need the sun to "recharge my batteries"! With it being so dark and gray lately and with barely any sun I have found myself being so depressed. I have been working hard today and trying to get caught up with things (just two more loads of laundry and I will be caught up!) and now I am feeling a bit better. I am hoping that Awana will help tonight too. Tonight our theme is Food Pantry. The kids bring in a non perishable food item for 1,000 points and at the end of the night we take all of those items to the local food pantry.
Oh, I have to share one cool thing that happened to me yesterday too....I used to use the search engine get points every time you search, you can get instant win points with games that pop up while you are searching, and you can win prizes. I had won an Amazon gift certificate in the past, but the last time I won (which was last October I believe) but had trouble redeeming the Amazon gift card that I had won. I inadvertantly ended up in the prizes section of my Winzy account yesterday and found that I was still able to redeem this gift card a little over a year later! I gave it a try and sure enough that gift card was still there waiting for me, and I used it to download "A Charlie Brown Christmas (Expanded)" audio cd and a few extra songs that I had been looking for but not able to find. I was thrilled! Hoping that this is the start of a good upswing for me!

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Patty said...

That is pretty lucky. I'm hoping the weather does get better too.