Monday, November 24, 2008

More scarves!

This weekend was a good one! Saturday we didn't do a lot, I got PowerPoint done and we got a couple projects done around the house and then we went over to PM and C's house and hung around and helped a bit with the garage sale PM was having and had a fire out in the back yard.
Sunday we had lunch with my parents after church and left a bit early to bake the pies we needed for the pie and ice cream fellowship after the Praise and Thanksgiving Service. I finished one scarf at Mom and Dad's house and started another one.

The blue scarf that I finished You can kind of see the little "poofy" sections that were in the yarn. I still have one skein of this yarn left. I think I will make another thinner scarf with it later
This is the scarf that I finished on Sunday. It was done with the Mexicana Lion Brand Fun Fur. I didn't realize that it was striping, I thought it was more of a mixture like the other Fun Fur scarves that I have done. I really like it, so does K and it matches my good winter coat very well!

A close up of the stripes. My good winter coat has the orange color in it.
The scarf that I started with the tinsel type yarn. I didn't get a whole lot done on it, I fell asleep while I was working on it at Mom and Dad's. I have three skeins of this, I am hoping to get at least two scarves, maybe one can be used for a Christmas gift! There are still a few people that I am not really sure what to get them for Christmas, I have a few gifts that I have bought already and quite a few ideas, we just need the money to do the shopping.
Today is pretty quiet, thankfully! I just have Miss A and we have been busy doing laundry and checking out some of the new toys I picked up at PM's garage sale. I hope to get the house cleaned during naptime, or after she leaves for the day if naptime doesn't work. I've started on a new typing project too, and hope to get some time spent on that as well as a bit of knitting. There just aren't enough hours in the day! Thankfully this is a short week!
Thanks for the comments hoping that I feel better after yesterday's post...I am feeling better. It was a sort of "personal" issu and today is a much better day.
Jen, I hope that you do start knitting again! It is alot of fun and a bit of "therapy". I can't wait to see your finished products!


Patty said...

I really love the colors you pick. They are so bright and vibrant. You do such a great job making your scarves.

Heidi said...

Aww thank you!

Jen said...

OH I love the fury striped one!! So pretty! Me too, on the knitting! Maybe this weekend I'll have a chance to start up again since it's a long one!! Oh I hope I remember how!