Friday, November 14, 2008

Day off slacking and new babies!!

I didn't do much of anything today. I ended up with the day off and the most that I accomplished was PowerPoint for Sunday morning and putting some new Christmasy and a couple other fun ringtones on my phone. I hope to get Sunday School done, but that is going to depend on whether or not we go over PowerPoint with PM tonight. Otherwise we will have to go over it tomorrow night after the play. PM and C's son is in the high school play again. He has a leading part from what I understand too! It is tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon. We decided to go tomorrow night, Sunday afternoon K is doing sound for the homsechool group's music concert so that wouldn't work, and we were figuring that tomorrow they would have all of the "opening night jitters" and "bugs" worked out.
We also got news that a friend of ours had her baby this morning! I've seen some pictures on Facebook and he is adorable! And his cheeks! I love those chubby baby cheeks, just have to kiss them! Can't wait to see them! Which also means that I have another project, actually two because another family from our church recently had a baby..., I am making them those fleece tie, no sew blankets. Hopefully I can get both of them done while K is at work tomorrow!

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