Monday, November 03, 2008

Here I am again!

So here I am posting for the third time in three days for the NaBloPoMo far so good. I think this was a very good thing to get me back into posting more often....

Anywho.....looking forward to the football game tonight. Our boys are in the post season now, trying to make it to the state championships. Don't know how well we will do tonight, I don't know how good of a team we are playing, I'm just excited to go! And even more thankful to have that new family end up not starting with daycare after all. I was talking to PM last night and we started talking about basketball season coming up soon, and with three of their boys playing basketball I know it will be very nice to get off earlier! I know I had a whole post about it yesterday, but it is a huge weight off my shoulders! I am enjoying this schedule and the kids I have now!
Tomorrow we go to vote, Wednesday is Awana (weird hair night), Thursday is Bible Study, and who knows what the weekend will bring. The social committee at church is hosting a Ladies Day Away on Saturday where they will have fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast, salads for lunch, and a full day of crafting and socializing. Not sure if I will go yet or not, it depends on how much I can get done this week and how I feel. K has to work until 11, so maybe I will go for part of the day or something like that. The sign up sheet that they had out is full, it looks like it will be alot of fun.
Well, off to put some laundry away and do some other fun house cleaning and organizing. Have a great day all!

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Bonnie said...

Hello there. I'm a friend of Jen's who is also participating in this whole NaBloPoMo challenge, and am having fun posting and commenting. I read you previous post about the family who went to another daycare, and it seems as though this was definitely a good thing for you. Enjoy your extremely busy schedule.