Thursday, November 13, 2008


I really need to blog first thing in the morning or else I forget! And I have been very bad and still haven't gotten the pictures of my knitting! I gave the scarf that I knitted for C to her last night at Awana, but I have one I made for myself out of the same yarn combinations, so I will post a picture of that one. I even started another one for myself after I finished C's yesterday! This yarn is a bit more difficult to work with, but I am loving the end result. I have two skeins of it, I just hope that they are enough to make a good sized scarf! I misjudged once before and ended up with a rather short scarf, but I do use because I love the yarn and it matches my every day winter jacket!
I earned my award for completing my first Discovery in my book in Awana last night. I got to go up with one of my girls who completed her eigth Discovery, she thought that was pretty cool! I also passed three more sections, and next week I should finish the rest of the sections in the second Discovery and receive my award in two weeks. The girls think it's quite funny to have me say sections to them and they get to sign my book!
Well, in closing here are the pictures I promised....

This is my scarf, like the one I knitted for C. Hers is a bit more narrow than mine is. I used a bright blue fun fur and a "regular" white yarn. These are our school colors.

This is another one done in our school colors that I knitted for myself. This one is made of blue and white fun fur.

This scarf I knitted using a fun fur type of yarn. It was black fun fur with a bit of extra blueish "fun" to it.

This is the short scarf that goes with my every day winter coat. I love all the different colors in the yarn and the different texture that it has!

This is the scarf I knitted for K and finished on Saturday. He requested the Iowa Hawkeye colors and wanted something nice and wide so he could cover his face when he was out using the snowblower. It has a couple of issues, but he was happy with it, so that's all that matters.
And last but not least, the new scarf I started. You can't really tell in this picture, but this yarn has a bit of a shimmeryness to it. It also has extra little "tufts" every so often along the yarn too. I can't wait to finish this one!
I'm pretty sure I have some pictures of other scarves that I have knitted for others for gifts, I will see if I can look them up for another post, and I will have to take a picture of all the yarn that I have just waiting to be knitted up into scarves. I also have some yarn waiting to be knitted into dishcloths and some waiting to be knitted into a poncho.

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