Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping fun!

We braved the Black Friday shopping mess and got some good deals this morning. The only thing that I couldn't find were the jeans that were on sale, but I got all of the important things that we were looking for, as well as a couple of extras. K found a good deal at Radio Shack on a new wireless mouse for my computer, the old one was getting pretty bad, and he found a deal on a Bluetooth ear piece for my phone.
We got up a little late, we wanted to be leaving the house by 4:25, we have a twenty minute or so drive to Wal Mart, and we ended up not getting up until about 4:30 since someone forgot to set an earlier alarm, but it all ended well.
We went through drive through at Mc Donalds for breakfast and made it home by about 7. I went back to bed then and didn't get up again until 10:30!
We put up a few Christmas lights and now we are getting ready to go and check out the town's Christmas parade. I may be back to post more later, but if not, I hope you all had a great day and found the deals you were looking for if you went shopping!

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Chelle said...

I'm in awe that anyone would want to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, truly in awe...especially that early!