Monday, November 10, 2008

I got an award!

I got an award! Patty, whose blog is Little Miss Sunshine gave me the "I love your blog" award! I've never gotten an award for my blog! Thank you Patty!!!
Today is a catch up day. I have lots of laundry to do, cards to make, the house to clean, all sorts of fun things! I have gotten a bit of laundry done, but it's more fun to sit here and get caught up on everyones blogs!
I only have one kiddo today, and I will be done about 4! I need to go and get some things for my Awana girls at the Dollar Store after that and then I'm going to crash on the couch and watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight! I love that show! K just laughs at me and says "You watch kids all day and then you sit and watch them on tv!"
Well, I suppose, the laundry isn't putting itself away. I will try to get some pictures of the scarf that I knitted for K and the small amount of progress I've made on the new scarf and post them later today or tomorrow.

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Patty said...

You are so welcome, Heidi. Do you make homemade cards too? I love to do that. I also make my own invitations. We'll have to swap ideas.