Sunday, November 02, 2008


I got news today that the family I thought would be starting daycare tomorrow went with another provider, a friend of mine. I actually used to work for her before and just after I was married. I feel bad in a way because the extra money would have been nice with Christmas coming especially, but K is picking up some overtime and any chance I get I take the kids or keep them longer if the families I have now need it. I feel pretty relieved in a way though, I wasn't looking forward to the 5:30 pick up time, and especially with winter coming it could get later and later. Basketball season is coming and with the schedule we have now it will be very easy for me to get the kids out the door and head to the ballgame. I'm quite excited about that! If a family with a workable schedule came I think I would take them in, but no more 5:30s for me, K agreed after this fell through that he wasn't looking forward to that either. Yay! God is so good, He works in all the little details! In calling to try to find a ride for her older daughter to get here after school she found that one of the girls' former providers had two openings and her husband would pick the older daughter up after school. Less hassle for me and I get to keep my early off time! Yay! Can you tell I'm excited ha!

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