Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ladies Day Away!

Today was Ladies Day Away at church from 9-4. We had fresh baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast and soups and salads for lunch. I got most of the scarf done that I am knitting for K. It was wonderful to sit and visit with the other ladies while they were working, and to see what they are working on. We had a great day!
I hope to finish knitting the scarf for K tonight and start on one for C, possibly for Christmas. I haven't decided if I should save it for Christmas or just give it to her. I am going to make one for her with a white "regular" yarn and a blue fun fur. (Our school's colors) for her to wear to the boys' ballgames. We'll see how long it takes me to knit up!
I have a counted cross stitch project to work on too, but knitting is going much faster and it's alot more fun when the product is wearable! I have a few scarves that I plan to make for myself too (I have a whole tote of yarn just waiting to be used!).
Now I just have to tear myself away from the knitting to get my Sunday School done!!!


Jen said...

I was learning how to knit last Spring but put it aside a while ago! I really want to make time to pick it up again! I really hope I remember how to do it!

Sounds like you had a great day!! How relaxing!! Take pictures of your knitting, I would love to see it!!


Bonnie said...

I remember trying to knit a long time ago, but for some reason I just stopped. I also took up crocheting which seemed a lot easier, but as usual life gets busy and I stop doing it. I need to find a hobby I can stick to that doesn't take up too much time (does blogging count?).