Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday craziness!

I got most of my projects done yesterday, not quite all of them, but I didn't do too badly. Today looks like it will be a busy day again too. I forgot that we have choir practice after church this morning, and with the homeschool music program that K is doing sound for at 2 we will probably run out and grab some lunch, change, and head right back to the church. After the program we will have to clean up a bit and then be ready for our evening service. I plan on taking my camera with me, so maybe I will have some more pictures to share. I did get pictures of the fleece blankets that I made yesterday and I will post them tomorrow.
Hope you all have a great day and you are able to relax and you are warmer than our 29 degrees this morning!

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Patty said...

I always think I would love to live where it gets very cold but I'm not really sure. I think I'd want to stay in be all the time.

Can't wait to see your blankets!!!